Twaddell is the first Australian ever to win a

WLD Men’s Open Division event

MESQUITE, Nev. (May 8, 2023) Sebastian Twaddell, a 22-year old rookie from Sydney, Australia, saved his best for last as he earned his first career World Long Drive win this weekend in Mesquite, Nevada. Twaddell, the world record holder for fastest ball speed (240.8 MPH), hit the final ball of the event 417 yards to beat Josh Koch 417-400 in the finals of WLD Mesquite Volume II.


The win comes just one month after Twaddell failed to advance past the Round of 64 at the last event (WLD Hobe Sound). He becomes the first Australian ever to win a World Long Drive Men’s Open Division event. With the win, Twaddell climbs to No. 19 in the world (was previously ranked No. 66).


In the Senior’s Division, Robert Oristaglio topped Eddie Fernandes with a drive of 400 yards in the final round. Fernandes outlasted Oristaglio in the finals at WLD Hobe Sound in April. Oristaglio has been one of the best in the world so far in 2023; he now has one win and two runner-up finishes in three events this season. Oristaglio is up to No. 9 in the world (previously was No. 13).


Jack Abbott captured the Amateur’s Division with a drive of 396 yards in the finals against Andrew Eigner. Abbott’s longest of the event was 427 yards. Eigner finished as the runner-up in the Amateur’s Division and 11th in the Open Division.


The next World Long Drive event is WLD La Salle, scheduled for June 9-11 in La Salle, Colorado. WLD La Salle marks the the return of the Women’s Division as well as continues the tour for the Open, Amateur, and Senior divisions.



Name Longest Drive (Finals) Longest Drive (Event)
1) Robert Oristaglio 400 yards 400 yards
2) Eddie Fernandes 393 yards 429 yards
T3) Jeff Gavin 405 yards
T3) Tom Peppard 398 yards
T5) Chris Campbell 398 yards
T5) Gerard Pera 399 yards
T5) Jim Heflin 389 yards
T5) EJ McDonnell 378 yards
Name Longest Drive (Finals) Longest Drive (Event)
1) Jack Abbott 396 yards 427 yards
2) Andrew Eigner OB 438 yards
T3) Kauner Kay 410 yards
T3) Jay Heath 432 yards
T5) Chase Noell 430 yards
T5) Matthew Love 419 yards
T5) Kollin Quade 398 yards
T5) Adam Hickey 399 yards
Open Division

1.  Kyle Berkshire

2.  Martin Borgmeier

3.  Justin James

4.  Colton Casto

5.  Reid Russell

6.  Scottie Pearman

7.  Josh Koch

8.  Brandon Flynn

9.  Zack Holton

10.  Ryan Reisbeck


Women’s Division

1.  Devon Casazza

2.  Monica Lieving

3.  Kelly Rudney

4.  Phillis Meti

5.  Gabi Powel

6.  Mary Driscol

7.  Savannah Meyer-Clement

8.  Mai Dechathipat

9.  Ali Mulhall

10.  Sandra Carlborg


Senior Division

1.  David Mobley

2.  Eddie Fernandes

3.  Jeff Gavin

4.  Zac Adams

5.  EJ McDonnell

6.  Ryan Gearhart

7.  Tom Peppard

8.  Troy Caley

9.  Robert Oristaglio

10.  Jon Graves


Amateur Division

1.  Kyle Gabbard

2.  Kauner Kay

3.  Connor Sterritt

4.  Keith Hawkins

5.  Andrew Eigner

6.  Colton Kalkanis

7.  Casey Steed

8.  Cody Albertson

9.  Clint Oliver

10.  Matthew Love