How to Qualify

The Road to the World Long Drive Championship

The 2023 World Long Drive Championship will have competitors from over 18 countries competing for a $400,000 World Championship purse. Qualifying begins in March and the World Championship will culminate in October at Bobby Jones Golf Course in Atlanta.

Local Qualifier

  • Competitors pay $50 per try (one try is 6 golf balls)
  • Competition to be run using ball tracking technology (indoor or outdoor)
  • Competitors will be given 2 min. and 30 sec. to hit 6 balls
  • Competitors may enter as many times as they wish to increase their chances to qualify for a Regional Qualifying spot
  • Entry Fees: The first try purchased is $75 and includes a World Long Drive Community membership.
    All subsequent tries purchased are $50.00 for six balls.

Regional Qualifier

  • The top 5 finishers from each Regional are awarded an entry into the World Long Drive Championship in Atlanta
  • 8 Regional Championships are conducted across North America
  • Stage 2 Regional Qualifying Entry fees: $250
  • Competitors must have a WLD Pro Membership ($275 on time annual fee)

World Championship

  • 40 of 128 World Championship entries are filled through the Qualifying process
  • The World Championship will have a 2 hour broadcast on the Golf Channel
  • There is no entry fee at the World Championship for Regional Qualifiers.