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Josh Koch- Continental Long Drive Open Champion

The best long drivers in the world took a trip across the pond to participate in the Continental Long Drive Open, held on May 20th-21st in Burgwedel, Germany. Top WLD athletes including Josh Koch, Sam Judah, Colton Casto, Ryan Gregnol and more joined Martin Borgmeier in his home country for the European Long Games event….

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Chasing Records

A World Long Driver looks to improve their drive distance but they also want to improve ball speed and clubhead speed. The science behind long drive plays an important role in how these athletes’ practice and compete. We’ve reached a point in the sport, where records are broken every season and the next milestone doesn’t…

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Josh Jackson: The Son of a Former NFL Player Makes his Own Path

To the casual viewer, golf and football are two very different sports but despite their differences, professional football players, former and current, use transferable athletic skills as an advantage in their golf game. Josh Jackson is doing just that, he turned down a career in the NFL and has made a name for himself in…

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Sebastian Twaddell earns first career win at WLD Mesquite Volume II

Twaddell is the first Australian ever to win a WLD Men’s Open Division event

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“World Long Drive is exciting, challenging and fun. I started long drive to increase my swing speed and then I got addicted to hitting it farther and farther. I’m looking forward to qualifying for Atlanta and competing on a National stage in 2023.”

Bryson DeChambeau