Monica Lieving Wins at WLD Hobe Sound,

Earning Back-to-Back Titles to Start Season

Justin James beat world No. 1 Kyle Berkshire

to win Men’s Open Division

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HOBE SOUND, FL (April 17, 2023) – Monica Lieving, ranked No. 4 in the world entering the weekend, earned her second win in a row with a drive of 331 yards in the finals against Mary Driscol at World Long Drive Hobe Sound.

Both Driscol and Lieving earned quarterfinal wins on their final ball. Driscol, playing in her first World Long Drive event, took down top-seed Phillis Meti in the quarterfinals with a 317-yard drive. Lieving hit a 324-yard blast to beat Gabi Powel in the quarterfinals.

Former World Long Drive champion (2016) Justin James won the Men’s Open Division with a final round drive of 420 yards to top world No. 1 Kyle Berkshire’s final round high of 417 (Berkshire hit the longest ball of the day, 424 yards in the semifinals). James used a 414-yard drive in the semifinals to advance past Sam Judah. James matched his top drive of 420 yards in the quarterfinals to beat Reid Russell.

With a drive of 391 yards, Eddie Fernandes outlasted Robert Oristaglio for the Senior’s Division crown. That’s back-to-back runner-up finishes for Oristaglio who closed with a drive of 367 yards.

Andrew Eigner won the Amateur Division with a drive of 379 yards in the final round, his longest drive of the competition. The win moves Eigner from 28th to 8th in the world rankings in the Amateur’s Division.






Name Longest Drive (Finals) Longest Drive (Event)
1) Eddie Fernandes 391 yards 419 yards
2) Robert Oristaglio 367 yards 386 yards
T3) Jeff Farley 380 yards
T3) Jeff Gavin 388 yards
T5) David Mobley 364 yards
T5) Tom Peppard 369 yards
T5) EJ McDonnell 367 yards
T5) Mike Bauman 389 yards


Name Longest Drive (Finals) Longest Drive (Event)
1) Andrew Eigner 379 yards 379 yards
2) Bud Weidener 348 yards 379 yards
T3) Tuds Mapes 367 yards
T3) Stephen Hopper 359 yards
T5) Keaton Phillips 355 yards
T5) Beau Blair 372 yards
T5) Jamie Beddow 364 yards
T5) Tristan Miceli 369 yards


Open Division

  1. Kyle Berkshire
  2. Martin Borgmeier
  3. Justin James
  4. Scottie Pearman
  5. Colton Caso
  6. Reid Russell
  7. Josh Koch
  8. Brandon Flynn
  9. Zack Holton
  10. Ryan Reisbeck

Women’s Division

  1. Devon Casazza
  2. Moniva Lieving
  3. Kelly Rudney
  4. Phillis Meti
  5. Gabi Powel
  6. Mary Driscol
  7. Savannah Meyer-Clement
  8. Mai Dechathipat
  9. Ali Mulhall
  10. Sandra Carlborg

Senior Division

  1. David Mobley
  2. Eddie Fernandes
  3. Jeff Gavin
  4. Zac Adams
  5. EJ McDonnell
  6. Troy Caley
  7. Ryan Gearheart
  8. Tom Peppard
  9. Jon Graves
  10. Anthony Livingston

Amateur Division

  1. Kyle Gabbard
  2. Connor Sterritt
  3. Kauner Kay
  4. Keith Hawkins
  5. Casey Steed
  6. Colton Kalkanis
  7. Cody Albertson
  8. Andrew Eigner
  9. Clint Oliver
  10. Matthew Love