The first round of sixty-four in the Open division put on a show for the fans with incredible performances across all four groups. The field was stacked as we’ve seen a mix of names win tour titles this season. Josh Koch, the highest ranked player of group one struggled in his first two sets and finally landed his sixth and final ball of the first round at 369 yards that put him in the top eight of Group 1. Jack Smith, who led the whole group, produced a 386 yard ball carry, 20 yards further than runner up Scott Littlefield. 

Group 2 had World Ranked #1 Martin Borgmeier in the mix among other top names such as Reid Russell, Scottie Pearman and Bobby Ray. Martin’s play was electric from the start, hitting four of his six balls over 365 yards. He was just getting started, and repeated a stellar performance in the second set with a 396 yard in-bound ball. The excitement was not over as one spot remained in the top 8 of Group 2, determining who would advance to tomorrow’s competition. Scottie Pearman and Bud Weidner battled head to head for the final slot. Just one-in-bound ball is all it took for Bud to advance, as Scottie failed to get any balls in-bounds in his final three sets. 

The energy just started to turn up when household name, Kyle Berkshire stepped to the tee to kick off Group 3. Kyle put up big numbers to start with a 394 yard ball in the first set. But he wasn’t done just yet. In his third set, he landed an impressive 401 yard ball and put pressure on the remaining hitters. Colton Casto also had an impressive round as he delivered strong performances with each set, earning him a total of 1,000 points. In the final set, Kyle Berkshire chose not to swing, this created an opportunity for Ryan Reisbeck to earn a spot in tomorrow’s competition. He would have to win the set against Sean Johnson and Colton Casto. Both Sean and Colton put up big numbers and kept Ryan from advancing to the round of 32.  

The final group of the day was loaded with talent as Justin James, Seb Twadell and Ryan Gregnol competed amongst each other. Ryan Gregnol responded to Kyle Berkshire with a 401 yard ball of his own in his first set and continued his hot streak in his second set with a cumulative 1183 yards with three in-bound balls (386 yds-398 yds-399 yds). Justin James accumulated 900 points, the most of group 4 with two 390 yard balls that allowed him to win his sets. 

The Women’s division was set to start at 4:30 p.m. but was quickly brought to a halt after lightning struck only a minute into the second set. Play resumed at 5:15 p.m. and the top 16 women were anxious to take the tee. World #1 Monica Lieving made her mark immediately with three in-bound balls, the furthest marked at 336 yards. She also led the field in total points and longest ball with her 340 yard shot. Sandra Carlborg struggled to find her rhythm in the first set, but made a strong recovery with five in-bound balls that soared past the 300 yard mark, the best landing at 322 yards. Mai Dechathipat, a fan favorite entering the competition narrowly missed the top 8 and will not advance to the quarterfinals tomorrow. 


How to Watch 

Round 2 of the Open Division will be streamed on Youtube starting at 8 a.m.* followed by the round of 16 at 1 p.m. 

Quarterfinals through finals of the Open and Women’s division will be aired on the Golf Channel starting with the women at 8 p.m. 

*Start times for the Open Round 2 competition have been changed due to impending weather. For the most up to date information, follow us @worldlongdrive on Instagram.