Does your facility have indoor tracking technology and are you interested in hosting a World Long Drive qualifier?


At no cost or licensing fee, you now have the chance to be part of the road to the World Long Drive Championship where long drivers will compete for a $400,000 prize purse. WLD local qualifiers give you the opportunity to promote your facility, your business, and make extra income.

All local host sites will receive the following:
  • Extra Income

You (or the facility) will receive $20 from the $50 per try entry fee. (Participants may try as many times as they want). In addition, you will receive the entire range ball revenue plus any additional revenues you drive through concessions and merchandise the day of the event.


  • Build Traffic

By hosting a local qualifying event your facility will receive local media Attention and publicity from World Long Drive social media channels which will direct more people to your facility.


  • Golf Balls

WLD provides the facility with 1 dozen of the official golf balls of WLD for all indoor simulator ranges


  • Promotional Materials

All promotional materials, such as posters, social media graphics and press releases are provided by WLD within a site director’s kit.


  • Website

All local and regional events are posted on WorldLongDrive.com with pertinent information such as contact person, phone number, address, e-mail address and website address. You will also be provided with and registration and scoring portal to track registrations and scoring for the event.

How Qualifying Works

The 2023 World Long Drive Championship will have competitors from over 18 countries competing for a $400,000 World Championship purse. Qualifying begins in March and the World Championship will culminate in October at Bobby Jones Golf Course in Atlanta.

Local Qualifier

  • Competitors pay $50 per try (one try is 6 golf balls)
  • Competition to be run using ball tracking technology (indoor or outdoor)
  • Competitors will be given 2 min. and 30 sec. to hit 6 balls
  • Competitors may enter as many times as they wish to increase their chances to qualify for a Regional Qualifying spot

Regional Qualifier

  • The top 5 finishers from each Regional are awarded an entry into the World Long Drive Championship in Atlanta
  • 8 Regional Championships are conducted across North America

World Championship

  • 42 of 128 World Championship entries are filled through the Qualifying process
  • The World Championship will have a 2 hours broadcast on the Golf Channel