For Andrew Eigner, pushing life to the extremes was always in his DNA. At just sixteen years old, Andrew broke two different American weightlifting records in back squats and deadlifts. Around that same time, Andrew stumbled upon the Long Drive Championships in 2006. As Andrew sat on his couch watching Jason Zuback win his fifth and final Long Drive Championship of his illustrious career, he saw an opportunity to compete in something right up his alley. In the coming weeks, Andrew began to go to driving ranges focusing on hitting the ball as hard as he could, using pointers and tips he learned from watching Jason Zuback. Since his introduction into the sport, Andrew has established himself as “The Professional’s Amateur” with multiple wins in 2023, he is on his way to becoming the World Long Drive #1 ranked amateur.

Following his graduation from Purdue University, where he received his Bachelor’s in Engineering, Andrew was ready to get out and compete. Shortly after in 2018, Andrew had his “I belong moment” when he qualified for the regional. “I hit 3 in play in my final set with the longest going 426 yards to win the set, and as I was walking off, something in me felt like I officially belong out here.” 

Following the event in Mesquite, Andrew lost a bit of his “Mojo” and found it hard to get himself over 200 mph ball speed. But, in 2023, he returned to his old self with that same Mojo that helped him burst onto the scene early in his career.

This season Andrew has risen the ranks in the amateur division to become the Number 1 Ranked Amateur in the world. He has two wins under his belt this season, his first coming in Hobe Sound and most recently in Port Rowan.

“I got into the sport of Long Drive by seeing something that I thought was cool and deciding to pursue it and become the best I can…Approaching every event, I don’t focus on a specific player that I want to beat; I focus on going out and being the best player I can be, and hopefully setting some personal bests along the way.”- Eigner

Outside of competing each weekend, Andrew is devoted to giving back to others through the game of golf. Andrew has raised over one million dollars through his efforts on the course and participating in charity outings. His ability to drive the ball 400 yards with both hands is a talent few in the sport have. Somehow, between competition and charity outings, Andrew has been an engineer for the past six years in the Denver area. Andrew’s ability to dedicate himself to practice and improving outside of competition has gotten him to the top of the amateur division this year.

Andrew Eigner has come back this year with a vengeance. With two victories already this year, the Amateur Championship will be on Andrew’s mind to complete his best year yet on tour. Andrew Eigner, the “Professional Amateur,” will be a name to keep an eye on the rest of the year. If you are interested in signing up for an event, check out the World Long Drive website and try it out for the first time, as Andrew did in 2018.